The Problem. Counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting & fraud are growing in local & global economies, resulting in trillions of losses.

Personal Impact

  • Fraudulent checks & finances, certificates, IDs & passports

Business & Corporate Impact

  • Financial losses from check fraud & counterfeit products
  • Loss of supply chain integrity & brand protection

Health & Safety Impact

  • Counterfeit pharmaceuticals, makeup & beauty products, food & beverages
  • Counterfeit airplane, car, & motor transportation parts & equipment

The Solution. INKcrypt® Ink.

Protect original documents and products by applying INKcrypt® ink, unique to each user, to the packaging of any item or the item itself. Printed INKcrypt® ink content can be identified instantly on the spot using a Qtouch™ Authentication Kit.

Which inks are compatible with INKcrypt®?

INKcrypt® offers CMYK, MICR, Invisible UV Fluorescent inks, & more with unique DNA identities. Alternatively, enhance ink from a Certified Ink Supplier with an INKcrypt® DNA identity. (Requires shipping to & processing)

Are INKcrypt® inks compatible
with my print system?

INKcrypt® ink is compatible with almost all digital, offset & flexo systems.

INKcrypt® Custom Applications

INKcrypt® your writing utensils, paints, varnishes & more with unique DNA identities!
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