Item Codes & Security Item Codes ARE visibly applied:

For public item & substrate protection, Item Codes are pre-activated by brand owners or user-activated & are visibly applied to items.

Public Item Protection & Item Codes

Original Brand & Value Items - Item Codes are pre-activated by brand owner.
Public Item Protection

Public Substrate Protection & Security Item Codes

Original substrate &Value Blank Stock - Security Item Codes are activated by end-user.
Public Substrate Protection

Displayed Item Codes:

Users and Brand Owners have the following options to protect originals: Marking the original with Item Codes which were pre-activated by the brand owner who controls the INKcrypt® Ink DNA-identity OR marking the original with Security Items Codes which must be activated by the use who seeks to protect a modified or content enhanced version of an original substrate. Examples of the latter option are: blank check paper, blank security paper stock, blank labels, generic security packaging, etc. Non expired Pre-Activated Item Codes and Activated Security Item Codes enable Authentication Processing.

How to use Public INKcrypt® Safeguards:

  1. Apply INKcrypt® Ink on authentic substrates & items. Visibly display Item Codes or Security Item Codes on Items.
  2. Use Public Qtouch™ Authentication Kit to Authenticate.