Item Codes are NOT applied:

For private item & substrate protection, Item Codes are pre-activated by brand owners & are not visibly applied to items.

Private Item Protection

Original Brand & Value Items.
Private Item Protection

Private Substrate Protection

Original substrate &Value Blank Stock.
Private Substrate Protection

Non-Displayed Item Codes:

Users and brand owners have the option to protect originals using INKcrypt® Ink without displaying Item Codes. This allows authentication of value items and controlled substrates using private Qtouch™ Authentication Kits which exclusively apply to one specific Item Code. Private Qtouch™ Authentication Kits are available through the brand owner, who is in control over distribution and access to Private Qtouch™ Authentication Kits. Pre-activation of Item Codes occurs at Get INKcrpyt.

How to use Private INKcrypt® Safeguards:

  1. Apply INKcrypt® Ink on authentic substrates & items. Do not display Item Code on item or substrate.
  2. Use Private Qtouch™ Authentication Kit to Authenticate.