About INKcrypt® Ink - How It Works.

Once applied to items, unique INKcrypt® Ink can be identified by anyone, anywhere, and anytime to assess item authenticity using an inexpensive, one-time-use Qtouch™ Authentication Kit, which consists of Qtouch Reader™ and TouchPen™. Using TouchPen™ a user will sample ink traces and apply to the Qtouch™ Reader, which analyzes the ink and displays color pattern in the results window. Using a mobile device, a user will scan the QR Code on the Qtouch Reader™ and enter the resulting color pattern in the online INKcrypt® Authentication Center pop-up to receive instant authentication result: PASS, FAIL or INVALID. INKcrypt® Ink owners have access to all associated Qtouch™ authentication results, with live-feedback of user activity and ability to monitor illicit trade, counterfeit activity and potential losses.

Stop illegal copies and fraud!

Mark your items with exclusive ink which can be identified, anywhere, anytime...

1 - Mark Original
anywhere with INKcrypt® ink.
2 - Circulate Marked Original
in the normal course.
3 - Circulate Qtouch™
Authentication Kits to users.
4 - Analyze Authentication
results and eliminate
unauthorized copies.